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Work more efficiently.
Protect expertise.
Customised processes.

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Work more efficiently

Increase your team’s efficiency with automated processes.

Your company invests heavily in employees with the right expertise. After all, they ensure that your clients can count on the best service. It’s important that those same employees not get lost in administration. That’s why ProcessDelight automates and optimises your processes. So that your people can focus on what really matters: offering great service, employing their expertise, and their own personal development.

Your know-how is safe, everywhere and at all times.

Your operating capital also consists of the know-how that you’ve built up. It’s natural to want to protect that from loss or theft at all times. ProcessDelight has lots of experience in this area: over the years we have worked for clients who focus on innovation and technological developments worldwide. You can count on us when it comes to protecting your expertise. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to sleep soundly.

Protect expertise

Customised processes

Processes that reinforce your specific approach.

You tackle your business in your own way. That specific approach distinguishes you from your competitors. So why would you choose standard solutions? ProcessDelight works together with you to ensure that your own expertise does not get lost when automating processes. On the contrary, we do all we can to help you make an even greater difference in the future.

ProcessDelight’s 360° approach

The entire process or a specific step

ProcessDelight believes that a 360° approach is the foundation of automated and stronger business processes. That’s why we take charge of entire process from start to finish and dive deeply into the assignment. We interview employees or work alongside you for a day. This gives us clear insight into the existing processes.

We work in close conjunction with you at every step in a close partnership. Then we come back with a proposal that enables you to focus efficiently on what really matters: your core business, innovation and continued growth. We take away your concerns step by step. You only need a solution for a certain aspect in the process? We’ll gladly listen to your needs. Because we can solve specific problems by looking at the total picture.

Meet the ProcessDelight team

A combination of experience, technological expertise and an eye for service.

ProcessDelight consists of motivated professionals who wish to make their experience available to create better digital business processes. Our team stands for a unique mix of IT-knowledge, strategic insight and an eye for perfect service. Moreover, we can always count on our strong network of trusted partners with ample expertise. Become acquainted with our team here.

Our Team

Tim Govaert, Partner ProcessDelight

Tim began his career in 1996 as a Hotel Manager, in a sector that emphasises strong service. He always had a great passion for IT and has continued to keep track of technological trends and evolutions. Over the last 10 years he became highly specialised in automating processes. He cannot shake his hotel background: those ‘roots’ make him strive for optimal and efficient service every day.

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