There are lots of different kinds of entrepreneurs that specialize is all kinds of scientific fields. They may possibly be geniuses in their own right, but they may not have the best business sense when it comes time to profit from their inventions & process automation.

The same thing goes for all kinds of other great, money making, ideas, they could be fantastic ideas, but putting the “tire to the pavement” is yet another part of the process. In many cases, a business process consultant is needed to help document and then improve on the process to make the entrepreneur’s dream a reality.

Here is why the process is important and how to look for and hire the right one for your business.

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Many Businesses Reach a Point Where They Stagnate

When a new business starts up, they run on sheer energy from the owner and the dream that keeps him/her motivated to push forward. The problem is, after awhile, either the original dream gets stale, or, there ends up being too many people in the organization to keep the magic going, it gets spread too thin.

What usually happens is that, in the beginning, the guy with the dream trained everybody when they were new, just starting out at their jobs. As time went on, he gets too busy and delegates that job to someone else.

Then the company grows, until eventually, nobody remembers what their original training was and they all flounder, together. What a process consultant would do is begin talking to the various employees to find out what their job is, how they were trained, and what they are lacking in order to do a more complete job.

Then, the consultant would piece together a training manual for all of the workers in a certain niche at the company. Maybe they all need classes as well, like in safety training, management training, or on-the-job instructions on using certain machines in the workplace.

Whatever it is, the process consultant finds out, makes a detail report, and gets with management to get the job done. They are trained at finding solutions to clear out bottlenecks, eliminate roadblocks, and get the process moving forward quickly.

Avoiding Catastrophic Failures Is Also Part Of The Job

Things like safety training in many start-ups often gets overlooked when it’s the owner and just a couple of expert workers. Everybody knows the process like the back of their hand and they don’t make mistakes because they designed it themselves.

However, eventually other people are hired, and then more people, until finally there are poorly trained people in positions where a small mistake could be a disaster.

It can be as simple as placing two chemicals on the same shelf together and then bumping the shelf with a forklift causing a dangerous gas. Chlorine bleach and ammonia mixed together creates a situation where entire buildings have to be evacuated. There are thousands of other possible dangerous situations in every industry.

A business process consultant will investigate the entire process in a company and find any dangers that exist in order to keep any accidents from happening. Then, all of the personnel in that area will need to enroll in safety training and be hazmat certified for the safety of others and for government compliance.

Insurance companies that cover liability may also have an interest as well since they would be covering the company for millions in liability law suits in the event of an accident.

The hardest part of weeding out accidents and dangerous situations is that many times they involve several accidents caused by different people that are unaware of the mistakes of others.Process Automation

So part of prevention is to make everyone aware of potential problems to watch for, and also alert others when there is the possibility of one situation bleeding over into another.

Like the example of mixing bleach and ammonia, each could have been placed on the same shelf by two different people, and then the forklift operator been the third person that combine to create the perfect storm.

Had they all been aware of the problem, the accident could have been prevented by any one of them, or any other observant person in the vicinity. The business process consultant’s job is to ensure that everyone on the premises knows all the safety rules and is certified as well.

Safety Isn’t the Only Concern

While mistakes in security or safety can make or break a business in short order, a process consultant will also specialize in streamlining assembly lines and other types of productivity enhancements to make a business more profitable. Maybe moving one assembly line closer to another or bringing in special conveyor belts can move products faster without being touched by hand.

Or possibly, outsourcing one part of the product to a manufacturer that is completely automated and can do higher quality work for a lower price point. Bringing in raw materials in larger quantities to cut out middle suppliers that are taking too much profit, or having a temporary help agency find workers that can be hired after a try-out period to raise the quality of the workforce. These are all things that the business process consultant is trained to do.

When looking for the right consultant in your field you should first look to the consultants that have helped your suppliers or competitors since they will have some expertise. Get reviews online if possible to see if they’ve been competent at helping others rather than wasting their time and money.

The bottom line is, getting a good consultant could help your company reach a new level, and secure your spot in the industry by making your company safer, better trained, and more streamlined all at the same time.

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