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The Cloud Workspace plays an increasingly greater role in every enterprise. But do you make optimal use of your Cloud as a work instrument? ProcessDelight’s consultants will carefully examine your needs and then draw up and roll out a Cloud Workspace that suits the way you operate. So that all employees and teams store and share data better..

Cloud workspaces for unlimited digital business efficiency

A cloud workspace is a fully digitally managed workplace. More and more companies choose to work in the cloud because of the large number of advantages that these digital possibilities bring. The biggest advantage is that cloud workspaces ensure unlimited digital business efficiency. A tailor-made cloud workspace ensures that the business processes are optimal attuned to each other, whereby no concession needs to be made with regard to communication. This can save a lot of costs.

Cloud workspaces for total independence in business processes

Working in the cloud (cloud workspaces) ensures total independence with regard to optimizing business processes. If an internet connection is available, you have access to your documents at any time. In addition, cloud computing is location independent and you can use any device for it. Obviously you can use this application with an unlimited number of people. In addition, it is good to know that cloud computing has a number of characteristic features that will promote efficient work processes:

  • Cloud workspaces have been developed for a desktop application or a web application using the internet or intranet.
  • If you are going to work in the Cloud, you only pay for the service. An all-inclusive service is offered that you can use immediately. You do not need to purchase and maintain a server or software. This is all been taken care of.
    Any updates will also be implemented automatically, in consultation with you. In case of problems you can use the helpdesk.
    In the end, the costs for working in the cloud are also much lower than the costs your IT department incurs if they themselves develop and maintain the software for this application
  • More and more companies are working with cloud workspaces. Many cooperative relationships between companies are also designed online. Customized cloud workspaces are ideal for this. This digital data transfer ensures efficiency, clarity, more speed in processes and is therefore considerably cost-saving.
  • The characteristic features of cloud workspaces fit in perfectly with the wishes and objectives of a modern organization. A cloud workspace offers an enormous capacity for processing power, computing power and storage capacity. A (temporary) capacity expansion is also possible. The scalability of cloud workspaces is enormous. Working in the cloud offers very flexible possibilities.
  • A well-built cloud workspace is a secure digital environment for implementing work processes.

Develop a customized cloud workspace

More and more organizations are using the advantages that digital possibilities offer. After all, working in the cloud will improve the efficiency of the work processes and thus reduce costs. You will be able to record the highest yield if you opt for a customized cloud workspace. Many companies often fail themselves in this by using existing possibilities.

The result is that business processes are adapted to the functionalities of the system while this should be the other way around if an optimal return is the objective. The best thing to do is develop a cloud workspace which is tailored to your needs. This cloud solution is completely tailored to your specific business processes in combination with your wishes and objectives.

Cloud workspaces for unlimited digital business efficiency

ProcessDelight can provide you with cloud workspaces for unlimited digital business efficiency. We approach each cloud facility as an individual project. The ProcessDelight consultants will carefully analyze your needs first, and then design and roll out a Cloud Workspace tailored to your business operations.

Our cloud workspaces can be seamlessly integrated into the daily activities and can be expanded at a later stage with more functionalities and applications. We provide a very user-friendly design of the digital workplace that can be used by everyone. Naturally, we also provide a tailor-made training to instruct each user how to use the system optimally.

ProcessDelight consists of passionate professionals who use their extensive experience and expertise to improve digital business processes as an objective. Our team stands for a unique mix of IT knowledge, strategic insight and an eye for perfect service. Moreover, we can always count on our strong network of trusted partners with extensive expertise. You can count on us for a customer-oriented approach. This allows us to offer tailor-made solutions that are a perfect translation of your wishes and objectives.

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