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The fear of digital transformation

23 January 2020

2020, the start of a new era. My prediction? Even more digitalization and digital transformation within organizations. In 2019, 30% more businesses started a digital transformation process. The numbers are increasing, and more and more managers see the opportunities and possibilities of digitalization. Unfortunately, not everyone is as keen on taking steps toward a full digital workplace. Many businessowners fear such a transformation because of the impact and size of these projects.

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How to bring structure to your chaotic work environment?

09 January 2020

Communication is key, and I am not talking about the communication between you and your mother-in-law… I am talking about the communication between you and your team members. Unclear and ambiguous communication leads to confusion and confusion is one of the main reasons employees endure stress, frustrations and anxiety at work. With all these ingredients in place, a chaotic environment is easily created. Less easy, however, is to reorganise this chaotic environment. 

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Document Management Trends In 2019

27 January 2019

Keeping up with all the latest trends can be fun to do, you have hairstyles, music, clothing, jobs, but you also have some that are not as flashy, but often considered some of the most important and that is the document management trends. By knowing about these latest trends it will be easier for you to protect your business or company you work for from losing documentation, but also make yourself look good at the same time.

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ECM Implementation Ideas You Can Use

20 January 2019

Enterprise content management software has become very prominent in businesses today. In the past, the files that were kept by businesses regarding clients, suppliers, and expenses were typically done by printing everything on paper. This was true, even with the advent of the personal computer, because that was how people were most comfortable.

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What Does SAAS Actually Mean?

13 January 2019

If you have ever heard the term SAAS, you may wonder what this actually means. It is an abbreviation for a phrase, specifically software as a service. Most people are familiar with purchasing software from a company that will allow them to add the software to their PC.

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The Value Of Enterprise Content Management

06 January 2019

Do you have ever have problems organizing the documentation that your company produces, you may consider getting ECM software. This is designed to provide you with solutions for managing your content, giving you many different options for a sorting your documents that have been digitally derived. Enterprise content management solutions have been available for many years, but modern technology has made this more efficient than ever before. Content management may seem to be a simple process, but as companies grow in size, and take on new clients, you will certainly need this software to keep track of every aspect of your company. Let’s discuss what the value of enterprise content management software is, and why it is used by so many businesses today.

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The Best Digital Transformation Training

26 December 2018

The digital transformation industry is one of the fastest growing and more and more businesses are understanding the need for this service. In an age where technology is key, it is essential that there are properly trained individuals who know and understand this complex field. However, many people are unsure where they can find the best digital transformation training program to enter into this exciting and well paying career. With that in mind, we wanted to discuss how you can find the right type of training and have a career that you are fond of. If you are ready to enter into this new and exciting career, let’s get started.

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The Best Document Management Software For 2019

20 December 2018

You don’t want to choose the first document management software you come across because you could end up regretting it. Don’t worry though because we’ve compiled a list of the best document management software for 2019, and each software is unique in its own way. After reading through our list, you can decide which software to use.

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Digital Transformation Specialists

17 December 2018

Have you been looking for a career that is going to stimulate your brain and offer you a wide variety of career challenges. Many people are unsure what to do with their lives and are looking for some form of direction. With all of the new technology that has become available, it has brought with it a great deal of new career challenges. If you are searching for an exciting change in the technology field, you may want to consider becoming a digital transformation specialists. This is a truly rewarding career, however, many people are unsure how to get started. With that in mind, we are going to walk you through everything you need to know to enter into this field as soon as possible.

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Are Digital Workspace Solutions The Future?

13 December 2018

The digital revolution has taken over the world. The corporate workspace environment has not been left out in this huge transition. Companies and businesses have moved moved from traditional and analog workspaces to modern and digital workspaces. What is a digital workspace?

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