If you are a small business hiring several employees or run an enterprise with offices all over the world, then you understand the need for a convenient way to store all of your company files – and that is where online documentation management systems come into the picture. The right management system can ensure that you are keeping your client information safe while also easing collaboration between employees for faster and successful problem resolution. While basic paper filing systems and other solutions may have been quite effective in the past, storing files in a metal cabinet is simply outdated in the modern, digital world.

Are you thinking about switching to something that better suits your organization’s ever-evolving needs? If you are, then you will be glad to know that we will be looking at some of the benefits switching to online documentation management systems have to offer.

But first, what is online documentation management?

An online documentation management system is an online-based, electronic cabinet that you can use to organize all your digital files and paper. This system helps users change paper files into digital files and store it in a single hub after they have been scanned and imported into digital formats. These systems aren’t just tools but also allow users to track and edit stored information and manage access.

The Benefits of Using Online documentation management

1. Enhanced Productivity
Productivity can easily be compromised when sharing files as paper copies or via email. At the same time, editing becomes complicated if more than two people are involved. If there are any edits on paper copies, then someone will be responsible for updating those changes on the electronic copy – and that is not very efficient. One documentation management allows users to upload files and have different parties examine the information as soon as it is made available. If there is a need for any changes, those involved can do amendments directly on the platform, sharing ongoing feedback with the rest.

2. Better Management of Permissions

If you are responsible for managing privileged information, then you play a very important role in your organization. That means that someone thinks you are trustworthy with their personal details and information and expects you to treat their information with care. And that’ll also mean that you get a system for putting permissions in place. It is vital that all your company files are securely shared, and that you can monitor those accessing files and when they access them. Documentation management systems including online systems ones ease the management of access to company information, helping you keep your data safe.

3. Flexible Access

Business today is more flexible and is no longer a 9 to 5 affair. Workplaces are no longer restricted to the traditional office setting and that is why more organizations need to make access to documents from anywhere and at any time possible. Traditional file storage options are quite limiting considering that email and paper copies are not always secure solutions and users may not be able to access their workplace shared drive when outside the office. An online management system offers you the ability and flexibility to access your files from multiple devices, making it possible for work to be done from almost anywhere one is.

4. File Protection

If you are solely relying on paper copies of your documents or versions of your information stored on a shared drive kept in the office, then know that you are setting yourself up for disaster. A power outage could affect your shared drive, restricting access to your files, something that could to you missing important deadlines. The same applies to any other disaster that may have a negative impact on your workspaces like fire or floods. With an online-based documentation management system, however, you can rest assured that your documents are well protected and always available no matter what since most service providers have secure servers in secure locations that are designed to handle any sort of catastrophe.

5. Easy Collaboration
The collaboration of ideas, documents, and files is vital in any business setup and is often the brainchild of some of the best ideas. In most cases, relying on email to send and receive files or working with paper copies is not that collaborative. Emails can be quite isolating and can lead to there being duplicates in the system due to everyone involved making changes to the file and then sharing it with the group.

Because of this back forth and entanglement, great ideas can get lost within the chain never to be implemented. Online documentation management systems understand the collaboration is key to what you do. They provide you a platform where you can communicate in real-time and feedback and sharing making it possible for you to share your thoughts and to ensure that they are heard.

6. Reduced Paper Cost
The cost of paper can quickly add up in office environments, so reducing these costs by switching to digital file management and storage will offer you a chance to save more. How? Consider how much money your business spends on paper waste removal, storage (i.e. filing cabinets) costs, ink and toner costs, printer maintenance and paper costs, not forgetting the amount of time your employees spend filing and ordering more paper. With online documentation management systems, there is no need for paper as all your files and documents are digitally stored and readily accessible when needed. Going paperless is not only smart but is also eco-friendly.

If you are thinking about streamlining the management of your files and documents as a business, then it is time that you tried an online-based documentation management system. This system not only streamlines data flow and access, keeps your data secure, improves collaboration, and enhances productivity, it is also cost-effective. Contact an online documentation management systems service provider today for more information.

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