If you have ever heard the term SAAS, you may wonder what this actually means. It is an abbreviation for a phrase, specifically software as a service. Most people are familiar with purchasing software from a company that will allow them to add the software to their PC.

However, companies are beginning to trend more toward uploading software to their own server, and will make this available to people that purchase it on either a one time or monthly fee. There are many benefits to offering software in this manner, yet there are also drawbacks, most of which are for the consumer. Let’s see if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks as we look at what does SAAS actually mean.

What Does SAAS Actually Mean?

This abbreviation represents the phrase software as a service. Although this may seem self-evident, this definition goes a little bit deeper. It is a software distribution model, one that has become more prominent, despite the continued popularity of software programs that you can purchase and place on your computer. It involves using a third-party host, a company that will offer one or more applications that are only accessible if you have an Internet connection. There are actually three specific categories related to this type of software.

Three Types Of SAAS

The first type is called cloud computing. This is perhaps the most recognizable form of this software that people use today. You have probably heard that everything is on the cloud, and when that phrase first came out, it was very confusing for people that were using PCs and portable hard drives to store information.

The cloud is nothing more than one or more servers, often in different locations, that house files that are accessible through an Internet connection. The second type of SAAS is called infrastructure as a service, otherwise known as IaaS. Finally, there is platform as a service or PaaS. The commonality between all of these is that they are only accessible if you have a connection to the Internet.

The Benefits Of SAAS

There are quite a few benefits to using this type of software. First of all, it eliminates the need for companies to install software on every computer that they own. Even if you have multiple computers that are interconnected at your office, your employees simply need the web address, username, and password to get access to the software online. It also eliminates having to upgrade your computers in most cases.

They tend to work with computer systems that are a few years old. Finally, the need for entering in licensing keys, or having problems with the installation, are completely eliminated. As long as a person has username and password, and the services paid for, they will always have access. The question of what does SAAS actually mean also leads to discussing a few of the drawbacks associated with this type of service.

Drawbacks Of SAAS

There are two primary drawbacks to using SAAS that must be addressed. The most obvious one is that people that do not have access to an Internet connection will not be able to access the software at all. If you added software to your computer, you would still be able to work with it, even if you did not have a Wi-Fi or online connection.

That is why this could be a drawback for people that would like to use the software but are currently unable to access that system online. The second drawback is that instead of paying for the software, and having the option of doing upgrades later on, you are constantly making monthly payments. These businesses do this to increase their revenue, and despite the monthly payments being much lower than a one off payment for software licensing, it tends to be much more expensive when looking at this over the course of several years.

What Are Some Examples Of SAAS Companies

Despite the fact that there are some drawbacks, the benefits tend to be what most people focus upon. There are many large companies that offer these services that people enjoy. This would include businesses such as Slack, Shopify, Aweber, and even Google. Adobe, WordPress, and Zoom are others that are extremely popular.

Why Would You Want To Use SAAS Companies?

There are many reasons why these companies are more beneficial than those that would provide software that could do something similar. In fact, some of these services could not be replaced with software because of what they are able to do. For example, if you are building an email list for your business, it is often better to have everything on the web.

Although there are many companies that charge thousands of dollars for software that you can install on your personal computer server, it’s often better to work with businesses that are completely on the web. This makes it easier to deal with problems that may arise. They can fix everything remotely.

If you have a problem with your software, this could require more troubleshooting, or even making upgrades to your entire computer system. Therefore, SAAS services often eliminate some of the hassles that are typically associated with using software. They make life easier for most businesses, and also give you access to services that software simply could not provide.

In conclusion, if you have ever asked what does SAAS actually mean, you now know what these services offer. These are all cloud-based services, ones that can be accessed from all over the world, as long as you have an Internet connection. There are some drawbacks to using these services, such as not being to access them without Wi-Fi or a direct connection to the web.

However, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, which is why these services are becoming more common, especially with some of the largest companies in the world. The answers to what does SAAS actually mean should clearly show you why you may want to take advantage of the services that these companies offer to help your company grow.

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